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For all those who come and visit thanks for browsing and make sure if you like the favorites you let those hard working artists know.  Hopefully I will have fun of my girlfriends computer this weekend, cause she has the scanner.  I am uploading a buncha photos from my time in the service. I call it "Art on the Run".  All shots of the road to Baghdad, and a few once we got there.  Also some wonderful shots of Egypt. If you have and suggestions comments that are helpful let me know.  I know I haven't added anything in a really long time.
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I love being a federal employee...i get paid vacation.  Anyway, my last one started on a bad note.  200 miles down the road to Texas my girlfriends car blew a headgasket.  Needless to say she has a new car now.  Her old one was too far gone for me to fix.  I got my old high school car running again just so she could use it for a few days until she got her new good news is...i'm reunited with my car.  I've had him for 14 years and he was dubbed turbo by a girl i used to drive to school.  not sure if she was being sarcastic or not cause for a crappy 500$ it was fast.  so me and turbo are cruising the streets and causing meyhem.....i'll upload some pics of the best car in the world...14 years and still running.  Ciao.
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Well that was a blast.  I just got back from Vegas and now my lazy arse has to put all my photos on my puter....all 500 and something of them.  Hopefully some of them are worthy of DA you should see a flood of great and wonderful images from Las Vegas the sin capital of the world.  For anyone paying attention to my small and horribly under posted page....I should have them in by the end of the week.  Hurrah!
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Ok so deviant art is acceptable to look at while at work, again....finally....  Going on vacation soon to vvvvviiivva LAS VEGAS!! i haven't been since i was like 14 or 15 so should be interesting to see as an adult.  Plus I should be getting some amazing photos while there...  I'm stealing my gf's nice camera till i can get a better one.  :) yay for vegas!
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Nothing new going on just trying to get everything straigthened out at my new place of residence and keep everyone happy.  Hopefully i will be able to do some work from home soon.  I haven't been able to get anything done here at work!  I'm way to busy here :P
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Ok not that big of a deal.  Just finished moving into my wonderful Girlfriends house.   Things are going purrrrty good.  A little bit of adjustment for her dealing with my 4 yr. old.   I'm trying to make it as painless as possible.  Only problem is now I have to find all my Photographs from overseas.  I know there are tons of people waiting with bated breath....bah.  Anyway I'll try and get them out soon.
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Alrighty, not like I've got anyone listening, but i'm at work and bored so i'm going to write this out really quick before i get back to the slavin.  I'm moving in with my girlfriend who is way more into photography than i've been so far.  She is teaching me quite a lot and has used a few of my photos in her scrapbooking.  also that means i get to steal her camera which is wayyyyy better than mine.  sorry for the updates, its been rather crazy lately.  I got her new scanner up and running so i should have free rain on it for a little while and that means updates....YEAH!  I know your excited.......ok well anyway thanks for all that check out the few things i've posted so far and Thanks to all that have shared they're wonderful photos and drawings on DA.  Take it easy everyone...if you can take it twice..... ;)

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Still haven't started any of my military photos yet....but I did finally finish loading all of the 4th of July's photos.  woo hoo.....checkem out they are shakeyyyyyy and ametuerish.  I try though and will get better.  Alrighty enjoy if i don't have my son this weekend I might be able to peel myself away from whatever I'm working on to start scanning a few of those photos...

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One good thing equals 1 billion bad.  Good thing: got my camera working and will no longer have to mooch my girlfriends.....will not even go into the billion bad things.  Didn't get a fargon thing done with my old photos this weekend....did find out though that her scanner works.  

oh well, hopefully i will git of my arse and do something this year.  I've have my son for the next few weekends so we'll see if i can get anything else done other than watching him :)  On a good note i did manage to swipe the last of my photos off the camera from 4th and surrounding dates.  ENJOY!!!!  
(they are not amazing just trying out the slow shutter night setting.)

Callahan the Veteran
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Alright, now for some of the stuff people hate.  Me talking about myself.  

Hello I'm Callahan,

I've been alive for 28 long years.  I've seen and done so many things that I can't quite remember them all.   I do know that some of that is related to how much alcohol I had consumed.  I graduated in 97' GO Mustangs!  I joined the U.S. Army 5 months after I graduated.  Spent the next 6 years serving the united states goverment and its people.  I've been around the world and fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  After I was Honorably discharged from service, I've spent the last 5 years trying to find a job that keeps me interested.  On the side I've been looking for a hobby or a passion.....other than video games.  Art seems to be a free form way to vent or convert some emotions or feelings in a healthy way.  So here I am :)  I'm going to start getting some of my earlier stuff scanned in now that I've got a handle on the rest of this site.  Trouble is most of my earlier stuff is from a disposible camera.  I hope it turns out ok.  Well if you actually read all this thanks.  I hope I get to know more of you artists as time goes on.  I think you can tell by my favorites what kind of art I would love to start.  It looks a lot more complicated then it seems though.  Any pointers and hints tips or shhhhh secrets would be appreciated.  :)  Have a wonderful day.  

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I want to send a big thanks out to all you artists out there that I Fav'd or admired your work.  Everyone has worked so hard (or not) and i appreciate it.  If your visiting for the first or the 6th time please make sure you let the artists know which pieces you've enjoy'd.  I know its easy to grab a collection and go......but just give them a word or two.  My photos are childs play as of yet, but i aspire to one day tantalize everyone's visual taste buds.  Well, I've droned on enough today.  HAPPY FRIDAY....!!!!

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Alright now that i've got things working its time to get the scanner up and runnin....Pray that it works out alright.....then i can share my wonderful disposible camera art....heh.  up until about a year or two ago i had never owned a real camera.  Just go and buy a few disp. and go to town... believe it or not they went through 6 months of Iraq and still turned out decent photos...those are the first of many I will add.  OH YEAH....A big thanks goes out to my girlfriend who took the shots of me that i will be uploading.  cause i can't take pics of myself for ^#@(.... Alrighty.  *sigh* i miss the good ole days.
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Finally, I'm starting to get bits and pieces of my work on DA!  Its not amazing, its beginner stuff so please let me know what and where i can improve.  Hints and tips always appreciated, i was in the army for 6 years so i'm good with critiques.  So comment away.
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ok.  I've done enough collecting and want to start doing some posting of my own.  problem is i just got my first digital camera like a few months ago, all my photos are 4 by 6 super kmart brand greatness.  is there a good way to get these to digital so i can transfer them to DA?  any tips would be much appreciated.  I've got some great shots from Egypt and korea...mostly the bars in korea :)  Also i got a few good ones from Iraq.  they where from cheap disposable cameras and i want to post them to DA.  Once i get those uploaded then i am going to start anew.  Thanks in advance to any that lend a hand.  Looking forward to some good critiques :)
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